Block & Sand

Children can use toy bricks to build anything they want, and they can also make sand structures with our high quality artificial color sand.

The Forest

3,000 sqf playing structure area, combined with rainbow net & soft shooting

Magic Pen

Unique touch screen table and large scale display wall composed with multimedia parent-children interactive system. Children can draw animals on the touch screen table and throw the art work onto the wall. Animals will immediately become “live” and move around on the display wall. Enhancement of children’s creativity and hands on ability.

The Beach

Through the projection from ceiling to the sand, the lower part of the sand becomes ocean; higher part of the sand becomes mountain. Animals and flowers will grow.

The Arcade

Parent-Children interactive arcade machines. The best choice of family entertainment. The best choice of promoting relationship between children and parents.


Enhance the capability of children in innovation and creativity.

Party Room

The place of hosting birthday party and other form of parties.

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