Rules & Safety

Kidzland Rules & Safety

  • In agreement with KIDZLAND, I agree to ensure that my child / children, or any other children in my care, are supervised at all times i.e. the supervision of the child / children is not the responsibility of KIDZLAND Team.
  • My child / children is / are not behaving in such a manner as to cause any danger or discomfort to themselves or others. As such, I will NOT hold the owners, management and staff of KIDZLAND liable for any pain, injury or death that may be sustained by the above child / children during your visit. Any unruly behavior may lead to loss of privileges or eviction from premise.
  • I understand that replacement of membership card will incur S$5 administrative fee and I agree that the use of card is governed by regulations and published terms and conditions.
  • Uses of any KIDZLAND attractions are at your own risk.
  •  Identification may be required as proof of age and / or family status.
  • Socks must be worn at all times at Naughty Castle, Rainbow Net and Gun City Zone by anyone entering into the above premises. (NO shoes nor bare feet)
    1. Guardians who are not parents must be at least 18 years of age.
    2. Adults entering the Centre will be charged S$5 for the second and subsequent adults/guardians.
    3. Children / Parents / Guardians must wear KIDZLAND Wristband all times when re-entry of Naughty Castle / Rainbow Net / Gun City Zone is needed.
    4. Children less than 3 years old are not allowed for Naughty Castle / Rainbow Net / Gun City or any other rides / attractions WITHOUT adult / guardian’s supervision.
    5. Loose or sharp items (including jewelry) should be removed before entering the play areas.
    6. Children should play in the appropriate play zone for their age.
    7. Children must NOT climb up the slides or on the exterior parts of the equipment.
    8. Intoxicated persons and unsupervised minors will NOT be granted entry.
    9. Under ages are NOT allowed for entering any area of the premises during school time.
    10. Under ages who are wearing school uniforms are NOT allowed for entering any area of the premises.
    11. Management of KIDZLAND reserves all rights to refuse or remove entry to any person who we believe to be unwell.
    12. Damages caused through bad, unruly behavior or misuse of the facilities will be charged to Guests.
    13. KIDZLAND will NOT disclose any information of our customers / members to third party.
    14. KIDZLAND will send event info and promotions to customers / members via email or sms.